Most of us will spend a good amount of time sitting inside a car. Whether it’s for our daily commute or taking long road trips, there’s little reason not to make that time spent more comfortable and convenient.

Although most modern vehicles leave the assembly line packed with quality-of-life features, your particular vehicle might not have everything you need.

Car storage box charger


Get your small parts well organized and easy to obtain when driving. Also, it provides 2 USB charging ports and 2 car lighters with independent switch control, meaning you can charge your phone in the car and keep them in this storage box.

Retractable car windshield sunshade


If you end up storing your car under sun exposure, the last thing you want is to encounter a sizzling car interior. The great thing about this Retractable windshield sunshade is that you can help protect your car’s dashboard and interior from sun damage. It helps quite a bit because it protects the dashboard and the steering wheel from deformation in addition to keeping the indoor temperature of the car normalized.



The steering wheel booster knob is suitable for beginners or those who struggle with arthritis, muscle problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, or low muscle tone. The bearing-mounted power handle will help you to steer softly when driving slowly and parking cars.

Car Windshield Heater


Get rid of all the smelly warming blankets with this amazing car gadget as it can do everything you name. It can stay at three positions and never get hot, thanks to the built-in fan. It is compact, easy to carry, and made with durable ABS material of opaque thermoplastic, making it stay with you year after year.

Car accessories make life easier. You can’t say “No” to this so, buy it, now.