When you're designing a garden, it can hard to figure out which kind—English! Butterfly! Container!—you want because all gardens are beautiful. So you have to make some decisions about what's most important. Is space limited? You should check out the best hanging plants. Does your plot of land get a ton of sun? Best to consider some full-sun perennials. Are you interested in attracting pollinators? Then you should investigate some of the best plants and flowers that attract bees, flowers that attract hummingbirds, and flowers that attract butterflies.

On top of flower selection, it can be fun to add a little extra flavor to the garden. Our suggestion: Try a fairy theme. After all, what's more magical than a garden? Check out some of these fun to ideas to make your fairy garden even fairer.

Fairy Lights Garden Decoration


Fairy lights in the garden help to add ambience. Powered by all day by the sun these dainty lights will cast a pretty glow over gardens after dark. They are a great solution that doesn’t cost a lot at all.

Space Alien Garden Statue


Aliens are still a mystery to us, and there have been a lot of movies about them. Are they real? That’s difficult to answer, but you’ll definitely surprise all the visitors to your garden by owning this Space Alien garden statue. These creatures are not only designed for outdoor gardens, terraces, swimming pools, or home use but also are a belief in their presence. The sturdy flat-bottom design is easy and stable to place, which is very suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. It is made of resin and then treated with UV protectant to ensure long-time uses. Moreover, this heavenly couple will bring a little humor through their funny gestures “peace sign” and “finger-mouth”.

Chicken yard art


These are the most adorable chickens ever! It’s suitable for lawns, gardens, backyards, and other places. It will definitely attract everyone’s attention. This product made of metal material, durable, sunproof, waterproof, each metal chicken stake is powder coated to be weather and rust-resistant. The chicken family will stand faithfully in the garden accompany you through rain, sun exposure, and windy days.

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