Selecting a cell phone can feel overwhelming given the wide variety of options. If you need to pick a cell phone, stop and consider several factors before moving forward. First, assess your personal needs. When and where will you be using your phone? Do you require a smart phone, or could you get by with something more basic? Then, look into special features. Depending on how you plan to use your phone, you may want things like a high quality camera or solid screen resolution. Lastly, choose the right carrier based on your budget and needs.

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Smartphones are a computer, personal organiser, digitial camera and MP3 player in one. And much, much more besides. Powered by the Android, Windows Phone and iOS operating systems, the best smartphones often feature hefty price tags. But mid-range and even cheaper smartphones are available.

These will feature a good proportion of the same features, but with smaller screens and less powerful cameras and processors than the top-of-the-range models.

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A mobile phone charger for your car or home may seem easy to buy, but it is best to make sure it complies with certain minimum requirements to avoid surprises when it is in full use.

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A good mobile phone charger must meet a series of characteristics so that it not only charges the device without problem but also it does not cause any damage. The main difference between a good charger and a poor charger is that a good one complies with the promised specifications, has good filtering and protection.