National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on the last Monday in January recognizes a fascinating piece of invention. Today, bubble wrap’s primary purpose is to protect fragile items either in shipping or storage. Of course, people also take enjoyment from popping the bubbles in bubble wrap, too.
Wrap up something in bubble wrap today. Find an old piece and have some fun popping the bubbles. Or use bubble wrap to envelop the precious fragile gift for someone you care about.

Crystal Diamond Whiskey Glasses Set

Inspired by nature, carefully crafted, and meticulously refined with many master distillers, the Crystal whisky glasses have been designed to capture whisky’s complex flavors and deliver them to the senses like never before.
Did you know that Bubble Wrap was originally formed from two shower curtains being sealed together, and the inventors tried to market this as wallpaper? It’s perhaps sad that this wasn’t actually successful, who knows how many cases of extreme anxiety could have been solved if all you had to do was pound your walls for a little relief? But also it can hold one more awesome gift:

Galaxy Lamp

Galaxy Moon Lamp, a meticulously-crafted beauty designed using high-quality NASA satellite images. Its rugged surface is reminiscent of a star in the night sky, boasting incredible detail guaranteed to steal the show whenever guests come over to play.
Bubble Wrap appreciation day can best be spent by taking a big old roll of Bubble Wrap and popping every single bubble in the sheet. But if you need a bit of stress relief, you could bring bubble popping to the next level:

Push Bubble Toy

Addictive, sensory fun that keeps the little one's busy popping…while learning fine motor skills. Simple enough for a 4-year-old, complex enough to fire up anyone’s neurons. Pop Them All combines all the fun of bubble wrap into a one-piece strategic game.