National Weatherman's Day, honors all individuals in the fields of meteorology, weather forecasting, and broadcast meteorology. The day also recognizes volunteer storm spotters and observers as well as any others that work in the weather field.

This annual holiday commemorates the birthday of John Jeffries, born on this day in 1744.  Dr. Jeffries, a scientist, and a surgeon are considered to be one of America's first weather observers.  He kept weather records from 1774 to 1816. Additionally, Jefferies pioneered the field of ballooning in the United States and took his first balloon observation in 1784.

Thank your local weatherperson. It may be the person you turn to on the news to keep you up to date on the latest storms. Or, it may also be the storm spotters who report to the National Weather Service. Their warnings alert us to more imminent dangers that impact our lives and livelihoods. Consider how weather impacts our daily lives and how much you appreciate an accurate forecast whenever possible, and think about it's time to prepare your new camping gear, in honor of great professionals saving us from unexpected forces of nature.

Camping thermal sleeping bag


Say goodbye to life-threatening risks when sleeping outdoors and fully enjoy the fun of nature with our Camping thermal sleeping bag. Except for camping, this sleeping bag is also made for emergencies, it can use as a survival blanket, poncho, emergency shelter, and more. The product is made of extra-thick mylar material, waterproof and reusable. It can be folded up with an extremely small area, so it is convenient to carry anywhere. The bright orange color on the outside helps a lot so that the rescuers can easily spot you. This is an essential item for those who regularly explore outside.

Naturehike Cirrus Ultralight Tent


In the world of ultralight gear, you get less material, costing you more money. While you might find yourself dropping a wad of cash on your next ultralight tent, some come at a higher value than others. Specifically, those that have better performance and a lower cost.

Sand Free Beach Mat


The Sand Free Waterproof Beach Mat is going viral, beach lovers everywhere are loving it, and for good reason… A regular beach mat is a magnet for sand. Once sand gets in between the fibers of the mat it's difficult to remove and a pain to clean. Our beach mat is here to help and eliminates all the hassle that a regular mat has!

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