Is it really necessary to be kind in the cruel world? Can you recall a time somebody was kind to you?

Ok, now change the scenario and think of a time you were kind to another person? Call to mind their reaction and how you responded.

Move into your heart and notice the feelings are still there.

Being kind doesn’t mean buying someone meaningless gifts. To be kind means to give from the heart. For example, remind someone of past pleasant moments together.

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Being kind often requires courage and strength, but it’s worth it.

Kindness has many benefits including increased happiness and a healthy heart. It slows down the aging process and improves relationships and connections, which indirectly boosts your health. And being kind refers to taking care of nature and your plants too.

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Celebrating someone you love, giving honest compliments, sending an email thanking someone, telling someone how s/he is special to you, helping an elderly neighbor with yard work or food, taking a photo of someone and sending it to the person, sharing homemade food, refusing to gossip, and donating old clothing and things you don't need are all ideas about how to practice kindness. Or giving little things to help big.

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Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.