Sometimes it can be hard to shop for foodies who already stock their kitchen with the latest and greatest in appliances, tools, and utensils. But with these cool kitchen gadgets, you will be equipped to enjoy your cooking.

Serving up eggs for breakfast has never been so fun. Just add eggs and filling to it, place in the microwave, and in minutes enjoy a perfect omelet. The non-stick surface makes cleaning fast and easy. It can hold up to 4 eggs and is BPA free, temperature resistant, and dishwasher safe. Turns over easily for a well-cooked egg without any other kitchen tools needed.


Microwave Silicone Omelette Maker



The right peeler will make it a breeze to tackle a ton of taters, as well as an assortment of other ingredients, from apples and carrots to butternut squash and more unusual suspects like cheese and chocolate. This electric peeler is great for large or small batches and helpful for people with varying dexterity. Simply insert the potato onto the bottom prongs and then align the upper food holder so the top prong holds the spud in place. The arm peels from the top in one continuous motion, stopping automatically when the peeling is complete. (It’s so satisfying to watch it spin and peel.)

It comes with a thumb knife for removing the eyes and blemishes, so it's perfect for potatoes, but because it can adjust to accommodate any product up to 5½ inches (you can trim or halve larger items to fit), it can also peel apples, citrus, mangoes, zucchinis, cucumbers, and even tomatoes. You can use the cord to power the peeler or operate it with batteries. The non-skid base keeps the unit secure, and it includes two replacement blades.

Electric peeler machine

Food choppers have been around for a long time—and there is a good reason. First, they make chopping less messy since they usually do their chopping inside a container, and they're particularly handy when chopping something like nuts that tend to fling themselves around when cut. Second, they're a good way to let kids safely help in the kitchen. They're also great for people who have poor knife skills or dexterity problems. And last, they're fun to use.


 Mini Electric Chopper
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