As the leading form of entertainment today, video games are an integral part of our culture. Video game players represent a diverse cross-section of the population spanning every age, gender, and ethnicity. Contrary to common misconception, researchers say, they're also generally healthy, civically engaged, college-educated, and socially active.
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If you play on your Xbox, you should think about protecting your controller from bumps and scrapes. Have a more fun-looking color without the cost of a whole new controller with this protector, providing an improved feel and grip during gameplay.

These VR glasses combine watching movies and playing games, which can turn your phone into a movie theater. No need to charge the product. Put your phone in VR glasses, download 3D video, Orange VR, and other phone players to watch 3D movies online or free cache.

How did your childhood go through the games? If spending hours searching for Princess Zelda and discovering new levels in Mario was your favorite childhood pastime… so we have good news for you!

Retro game console
Researchers have found a significant improvement in the peripheral awareness of people who played computer games specially designed around using peripheral vision. So, play with no shame!