Merry Christmas!

We’ve never had such an unusual isolated Christmas before, have we? We celebrate at home, sending gifts to our beloved families and friends. We are making our favorite dishes ourselves and enjoy them with our closest loved ones.

But now is time to treat yourself. Here is our tips to put a smile in your face:

Customized moon night lamp


Bring the moon out of the sky and light up the heart of your loved one! Each individual moon lamp has gone through a printing process using state of the art technology. The design is made according to NASA satellite images to accurately reproduce the moon’s actual surface and craters. The power of the moon now is in the palm of your hand.  Prepare to be hypnotized by the enchanting beauty of the moon in your room!

Baby Yoda pot planter


Introducing the Baby Yoda pot planter. Place any plant of your choosing inside its cute little pot plant. Whether the plant is real or fake, it will be absolutely beautiful and unique. There’s a hole at the bottom of the pot plant to ensure water drainage. This adorable mini pot is so small you will be able to display it just about anywhere, like beside the table, office desk, or kitchen as an aesthetic indoor pot planter.

LED 3D cartoon lamp


This lamp has multiple lighting modes like solid, strobe, slow change, and remotely change between different colors. You just press the touch button once to change one color, and in the 8th press, the colors will be changed automatically. You can hold the switch down for 2 seconds to turn off. The product has low consumption, high-quality LED, will not be hot after a long time working. It’s widely used in various environments, as decorative lights for home, bedroom, child room, living room, bar, and anywhere you like.

3D Super Mario Resin Fridge Magnets 14PCS


You can select between a ton of different themes to create your very own Mario level. All combo has a Mario, with some themes having more bricks, some with mushrooms, more enemies, warp tubes, clouds, question boxes, and more. Select your favorite items to create your Mario level.

Enjoy and have fun! Sometimes having fun is all the therapy you need.

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