Customer Tax Policy –
The rules and obligations regarding VAT/GST and Sales Taxes on importation of goods from remote sellers or via e-commerce marketplace platforms vary from country to country.
When you buy goods from a seller or merchant on our Ringeri GmbH marketplace and it is shipped to your location, the goods may be subject to your local VAT/GST or sales taxes.
The amount of the applicable VAT/GST or sales taxes (if any) depends on your ship to location (e.g. EU, CH, UK or country or U.S. state).

Obligation for Ringeri GmbH to collect and remit indirect taxes


Jurisdictions where Ringeri GmbH is not required to collect and remit taxes

Other than the jurisdictions listed above where Wish will collect and remit the VAT/GST and sales taxes as a marketplace facilitator, the merchants who make sales through the Wish marketplace may have an obligation to collect and remit transaction taxes based on their particular facts and circumstances.
For those jurisdictions where Wish is not currently required to collect indirect taxes on behalf of merchants, Ringeri GmbH(on a voluntary basis) merchants the ability to use the Ringeri GmbHTax Settings and therefore allow Ringeri GmbH to collect VAT/GST or sales taxes in countries and U.S. states where Wish is registered. If a merchant signs up for this service, indirect taxes will be collected by Ringeri GmbH and remitted to the merchant for onward remittance to the applicable tax authority.
In cases where indirect taxes are not charged and collected on the Ringeri GmbH marketplace, the end user may be liable for indirect taxes as set forth in the Terms of Service.
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