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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  

Anne Frank

Ringeri GmbH is a small dropshipping company settled in Regensdorf Zürich, Switzerland. We are employing 6 people from two countries and we consider each other as a family. We are hoping that we will grow and become a good environment to prosper and nourish our values.

Hard times have never been strange to us all, but nowadays are challenging us in ways we couldn’t be prepared to. We are all sharing the stand that our society, our human race, our planet, will not be good enough for us until we provide all the needs for every human being to live their lives in freedom, safety, and dignity. We are aware that we can only do something with ourselves, so we decided to contribute as we can, giving a part of our profit to people who can’t provide the living conditions we are blessed with. And we’ll continue to do our best.

COVID-19 represents a dramatic threat to life in war-torn countries. The impact of an outbreak of the virus could be nothing short of catastrophic.

Health systems in areas of conflict are already severely strained, where millions do not have access to basic health care. Fleeing violence, people seek shelter in crowded camps with inadequate sanitation.

For people in such fragile situations, the virus is yet another threat to their lives. They need your urgent support.

The International Committee of the Red Cross rely on your support to continue our work to help those in need. They are fighting to prevent the spread of this disease by supporting vital health care centers and providing crucial items such as soap and masks.

We must come together and support those at risk. Please donate today.

Share our story, and do something to help those less fortunate than us.

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