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Ringeraya has released a Points & Referrals option which allows all customers (including guest customers) to earn points on their orders, refer their friends to your store, and earn VIP perks.

Here is how it works in each section of our loyalty program. Customer Accounts will only award for orders and activity moving forward.


• All customers on our store will start earning points on orders, even those who checkout as a guest. They will receive our brand new points earned email.
• Customers need to create an account to earn welcome or social points.
• Customers need to create an account to spend points.

• All customers on our store will have a unique referral link they can share with their friends.
• If a customer is a guest, he will receive an on-site message on the order 'thank you' page with their referral link to share.


Types of earning rules

Place an order - 6 Ringeraya points for every $1 spent
Signup - 100 Ringeraya points
Celebrate a birthday - 30 Ringeraya points
Like on Facebook - 30 Ringeraya points
Share on Facebook - 30 Ringeraya points
Follow on Instagram - 30 Ringeraya points
Follow on Twitter - 30 Ringeraya points



$5 off coupon - 300 Ringeraya points
$10 off coupon - 600 Ringeraya points
$15 off coupon - 900 Ringeraya points
Free shipping coupon - 1000 Ringeraya points

Spending chart


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